Judicial Assets and Special Situations

The firm has been advising some of the largest investments made in Brazil in judicial assets and special situations practices.

FASV Advogados is recognized for its wide experience in this market, acting for several investment funds in theses of investments in payments owed by the Public Treasury, credit rights against the IAA – Instituto Açúcar e Álcool, large expropriations and also private claims.

In the last 10 years, FASV Advogados has acted in all segments of the judicial claims market, from high/low yield, long/short term, having assisted dozens of operations involving investments above BRL 15 billion, as well as hundreds of middle-market operations (up to BRL 100 million).

FASV Advogados’ partners actively participate in strategic funds investment committees operating in this market.

Our experience includes:

  • Analysis of opportunities, implementation, and settlement of payments owed by the Public Treasury, non-performing credits, and judicial and arbitration credit rights.
  • Active participation in projects involving the purchase and sale of these assets in complex environments, sometimes providing co-management and specialized consulting services in investment funds in non-standard FDIC-NPs credit rights.
  • Performing due diligence and drafting audit reports, opinions, legal opinions on demonstrating the feasibility and risks of the operations.
  • Preparation of all instruments necessary to implement the purchase and sale transactions of these assets.
  • Representation after the acquisition of these assets to obtain settlements of acquired credits in the judicial, arbitral, or administrative sphere.